About Us

At Appleseeds Center, we appreciate the importance and significance of the early childhood years for the parents and their child when children are experiencing rapid development, learning new skills, and progressing steadily towards physical, intellectual and social-emotional milestones.  We at Appleseeds Center strive to support parents in nurturing their child during this time of extraordinary development.

In a technologically advanced age, television and IPad captivated children miss out on the joys of old-school exploration, pretend games and the power of imagination. It is our deep conviction that these lost arts are key to preparing our little ones for the challenges of life, not to mention creating some of their fondest memories. At Appleseeds Center, rest assured that your child will be given every opportunity to grow and develop in a TV, DVD, IPad free environment.

With all that in mind, Appleseeds Center provides, in a delightful and attractive manner, rich experiences that build upon your child’s individual strengths and talents.



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