How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

The five paragraph essay is the most important format for an essay that people can learn. This consists of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. This essay style brings an essay full circle, from the beginning where the audience knows nothing about what the writer has to say, to the end where they have come over to the writer’s way of thinking. The essay will therefore use the body paragraphs to show the main arguments behind what they have to say, with the three paragraphs each containing one argument. Specialists from writing website confirmed – this essay style is sufficient for most essays because it covers the needed ground.

The introduction and conclusion both have fairly similar tasks on the face of it. They both need to bring the audience up to speed on what is going on, remind them of the major arguments which are going to be\were made in the essay, and any history or extra information which they will need\needed to know to truly understand what is going on in your essay. Introductions and conclusions serve as the bookends of your essays, as they are what hook readers in to read your essay, and to stay to read the final conclusions which are what come after the body.

The body paragraphs are the meat of the essay, where the original arguments and sources take place. Each paragraph needs to handle one individual argument, so that a five paragraph essay should boil down to three main arguments if it is to work properly. Having a main argument for each paragraph means that you can focus on that argument exclusively within that paragraph, getting into a fairly detailed level of explanation. Each paragraph must have a topic and concluding sentence to help people understand how each argument is connected to the next, which can then help them to understand the whole argument.


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