Quick Answer: What Is The Definition Of Antiphonal?

What does canticle mean?


one of the nonmetrical hymns or chants, chiefly from the Bible, used in church services.

a song, poem, or hymn especially of praise..

What does monophonic mean?

In music, monophony is the simplest of musical textures, consisting of a melody (or “tune”), typically sung by a single singer or played by a single instrument player (e.g., a flute player) without accompanying harmony or chords. Many folk songs and traditional songs are monophonic.

What is the difference between responsorial and antiphonal music?

In responsorial singing, the soloist (or choir) sings a series of verses, each one followed by a response from the choir (or congregation). In antiphonal singing, the verses are sung alternately by soloist and choir, or by choir and congregation.

What does leitmotif mean?

noun. a motif or theme associated throughout a music drama with a particular person, situation, or idea. a unifying or dominant motif; a recurrent theme: A leitmotif in science fiction is the evolving relationship between humans and machines.

What is contrapuntal reading?

Contrapuntal reading means reading a text “with an understanding of what is involved when an author shows, for instance, that a colonial sugar plantation is seen as important to the process of maintaining a particular style of life in England” (Said 66).

What does Antiphonally mean?

antiphonal(Noun) A book of antiphons or anthems sung or chanted at a liturgy; an antiphonary or antiphoner.

What is the definition of disinclination?

: a preference for avoiding something : slight aversion.

What does contrapuntal mean?

Anything contrapuntal has to do with counterpoint, which is a type of music that has two melodic lines played at the same time. Many kinds of music (such as rock and country) are very simple, but others are more complex: such as contrapuntal tunes.

What is the difference between polyphonic and contrapuntal?

Polyphonic is a general term for the texture ( 2 or more independent melodic lines). Counterpoint (or the adjective, contrapuntal), is the specific rules for how to combine the parts. (Species, tonal, etc). … Contrapuntal is the adjective form of counterpoint, so music that features counterpoint is contrapuntal music.

What is an antiphonal texture?

An antiphonal texture is when there is more than one group of instruments or voices, usually placed in different parts of a church or concert venue. There is usually dialogue between the two groups and melodic ideas will be passed between them.

What does Ululate mean?

to utter a loud, long, high-pitched, trilling sound that resembles a howl, especially to express grief or joy: the Middle Eastern custom of ululating at weddings and funerals. to lament loudly and shrilly.

Is melody and accompaniment homophonic?

The most common texture in Western music: melody and accompaniment. Multiple voices of which one, the melody, stands out prominently and the others form a background of harmonic accompaniment. If all the parts have much the same rhythm, the homophonic texture can also be described as homorhythmic.